a woman’s body is not for you. if she wants to cover it she should feel free and safe in doing so. if she wants to expose it she should feel free and safe in doing so. it is not an indication of her self-respect but an indication of her preferences for whatever reasons she chooses — none of which are your business or concern.

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First you’re taught to fear a phantom, a man in black, a man with a knife, a man who’ll pounce in dark alleys. Well-intentioned women—mothers, aunts, teachers—will train you to protect yourself: Don’t wear your hair in a ponytail; it’s easier to grab. Hold your keys in one hand; hold your pepper spray in the other. Avoid dark alleys. When you reach young adulthood, the lessons change. They acquire an undertone of disgust: Don’t drink so much. Don’t wear such short skirts. You’re sending mixed signals; you’re putting yourself at risk. If you follow the advice and it never happens—if you end up one of the three out of four—you can convince yourself that safety is a product of your own making, a reflection of inherent goodness. But if you’re paying attention, you realize something doesn’t add up. Because it keeps happening: to your sisters; to your friends; to little girls and grown women you’ll never meet, in places like Cleveland, Texas; Steubenville, Ohio; New Delhi. Good people, bad people, neutral. It keeps happening in TV shows and novels and movies—they open on the missing girl, the dead girl, the raped girl. If you’re paying attention, you begin to realize that it isn’t happening. It is being done. And you are not safe. You have never been safe. You were born with a bulls-eye on your back. All you have ever been is lucky. - The Female Gaze: SO MUCH PRETTY by Cara Hoffman via Unpacking the F Word (via im-a-kittycat)

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Rape Jokes and why they’re wrong


Rape is never taken seriously, the rapists rarely gets a decent sentence if they even get reported ( states that in every 100 rapes, only 46 get reported and out of that 46, 12 actually get arrested, 9 get prosecuted, 5 lead to a felony conviction, and only 3 ever spend even a single day in prison), people make stupid jokes (LULZ HALP HE’S RAPING ME! *actually just tickling* or the rape sloth or ‘if you rape a prostitute, is it a crime or shoplifting? (I have heard this one and it is still a crime because a prostitute has (or at least should have) the right to say no at any time)), and women face a lot of shit for getting raped because obviously she shouldn’t have ever gotten that drunk, shouldn’t have been wearing that, or she already sleeps around so it’s no biggie right? Plus, there are many misconceptions like it’s only pretty, young (mostly white) women that are raped and they’re raped in allies by strangers right? Wrong! According again to, 2/3 of offenders are known to the victim and 50% of rape victims report the rape happening either in their home or within a mile from their home. Rape is not about sex. It is about power and control over another human being. If it was about how much skin you showed, Muslim women wouldn’t be getting raped because they cover up. If rape was about how drunk someone was then sober women wouldn’t be getting raped. The point is this: Rape jokes aren’t funny because they marginalize women who have been sexually assaulted because it’s not taken seriously and they poke fun at an incredibly traumatizing experience. Furthermore, they trivialize an INCREDIBLY serious crime that already isn’t taken seriously. I know this talked about women and yes, I realise men are victims too but 9 out of 10 victims are female ( When you see someone tell a rape joke, call that motherfucker out and say, ‘Hey man, rape jokes are not funny.’ I’ve done this and I’m seen as a killjoy all the time and I’m just “the crazy feminist who can’t take a joke”. No, I’m the feminist that chooses to stand up for what is right and tries to educate people on why it’s not okay. That’s my argument.

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I once had a guy tell me that he wouldn’t believe that I was a lesbian unless I kissed my best friend. Men don’t seem to get that lesbians weren’t made for their own personal enjoyment.

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